Skip Navigation Links Our Mission:
  • To organize volunteers and volunteering opportunities for those that attend and gather around the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival in order to give back and help revitalize the region, city, and culture of New Orleans.
  • To support and assist existing charitable organizations with their work to help the citizens of the greater New Orleans area and restore the city of New Orleans and the surrounding communities.
  • To provide this assistance with a spirit that celebrates the music, culture, and community of the Jazz Festival and New Orleans.

Our Opportunities:
  • Second Harvest of Greater New Orleans — Repackaging food, personal items, and school supplies for distribution to families and aid organizations
  • Habitat for Humanity — Building homes in the Upper 9th Ward, St. Bernard Parish and New Orleans
  • Animal Rescue New Orleans — Driving to and re-supplying feeding stations
  • Arabi Wrecking Krewe — Supporting the cleaning and reconstructions of musicians’ houses
  • Acorn Housing — Working with homeowners to rebuild their homes and navigate the Road Home Program
  • Relief Spark — Support for various volunteer organizations

Acura Stage, Jazz Fest 2005 Congo Stage

Totem "Yum..." The end to another great Jazz Festival day.